AFC denies the use of VAR for Vietnam-Thailand tie

VOV.VN -The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) has denied a request from the Football Association of Thailand (FAT) to use Video Assistant Referee (VAR) in the upcoming fixture between Vietnam and Thailand on September 5 in the Asian zone’s second qualifying round for the World Cup 2020.

afc denies the use of var for vietnam-thailand tie hinh 0
Photo: FAT
According to Patsat Supaphong, Vice President of the FAT, the reason for this decision is that there is a shortage of human resources necessary to operate the system. This is because each match needs to have three or four referees to monitor the VAR system and there will be 10 matches taking place at the same time across the continent.

In addition, the AFC also said that the techniques used in each country are different, as a result, it is not currently suitable to apply VAR in several different countries.

However, the AFC will allow the FAT to use VAR at the 2020 AFC U23 Championship finals.


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