Youth volunteers join Green Summer Campaign

(VOV) - A large gathering of university students and youths attended the launching ceremony for the annual Green Summer Campaign in Ho Chi Minh City on July 13.

The students and youths represented the more than 90,000 students who have joined the 21st campaign, which will be implemented in 24 outskirt districts as well as 17 central and central highland provinces along with bordering provinces in Laos.

At the launching ceremony, municipal Party’s Committee Deputy Secretary Nguyen Thi Thu Ha spoke highly of the significance of the campaign and acknowledged her gratitude for the contributions of students and youths to the city’s development.

youth volunteers join green summer campaign  hinh 0

The campaign is a patriotic movement, helping raise students and youth’s awareness of patriotism and self-training and utilize their strength to make greater contribution to the community, Ha said.

This year’s campaign is taking place from July 13 to August 10.

Shortly after the launching ceremony, students and youths participated in a series of activities including a festival advocating environmental protection, a project at Ben Thanh market to disseminate information about the benefits of using paper bags in lieu of nylon bags and a project propagating the energy savings from turning off engines when stopped at red lights.

Earlier on July 11, Vinh Long province launched a green summer campaign, attracting 1,200 students from 13 universities and colleges.