Young teacher creates employment opportunities for students

VOV.VN - Teacher Nguyen Van Minh of the Department of Veterinary Medicine at Vietnam National University of Agriculture has created many initiatives to create employment opportunities for his students.

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Minh also takes part in voluntary activities to help local husbandry households prevent diseases among their animals. 

Nguyen Van Minh has been working hard to find new teaching methods to inspire his students. Minh said: “Before each lesson, I select a specific example to help students understand the lessons more easily”.

In 2009, Minh set up a Veterinary Medicine club, which has now become a place where students, and also teachers, can practice their skills. 

Nguyen Phuong Nam, another teacher in the Department of Veterinary Medicine said “Minh’s club gives students soft skills and teaches them about the difficulties facing a vet in treatment. Minh is enthusiastic about helping farmers. He goes to farms and shows the farmers how to do husbandry and prevent animal diseases”. 

Minh makes use of Facebook to connect employers and students and creates employment opportunities for his students on the website Vet 24 which specializes in training and vet services. Thousands of students have landed well-paid jobs. 

Pham Thi Thu Huyen, a final-year student at the Vietnam National University of Agriculture said “Minh’s website includes employment information and data on enterprise demand, so we can find a suitable job. I have learned a lot from the teacher Minh”. 

Nguyen Van Minh integrates study with volunteer activities such as protecting buffalos and cows in winter. Minh has asked enterprises to donate chemicals and medicines to disadvantaged husbandry households in the outlying areas of Hanoi. 

 “We help local people raise cows, advise farmers about production, and environmental protection, and transfer technology. These activities give students experience and help the farmers”, said Mr Minh. 


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