Yen Bai: mountainous Tram Tau district faces landslide risk

Tram Tau district in the northern mountainous province of Yen Bai is facing a high risk of landslides due to lingering rains from the beginning of this year and the devastating floods on October 10-11.

yen bai: mountainous tram tau district faces landslide risk hinh 0

Although 60 households in the locality were evacuated, many others still live in landslide-prone areas due to a lack of land for their resettlement. 

The recent downpours and floods left 13 people dead and missing, injured seven others, and destroyed 130 houses, along with roads and bridges in Tram Tau district. 

The natural disaster have also eroded concrete roads, caused long cracks on several mountains and damaged houses and schools in Hat hamlet, Hat Luu commune, Tram Tau district, sparking concerns among locals. 

Yen Bai has reported 18 deaths, 10 people missing and nine others injured in the recent downpours and floods. Nearly 2,000 houses were damaged while more than 140 households were evacuated due to landslides and flash floods. 

Floods also devastated more than 900ha of crops, tens of thousands of livestock and poultry, and over 42ha of aquaculture area. Total damage was estimated at over VND700 billion (US$30.8 million).


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