Writing contest on Agent Orange, dioxins held for first time

A writing competition on Agent Orange/dioxins and their aftermaths, the first of its kind in Vietnam, has been launched to mark the 60th anniversary of the beginning of the use of Agent Orange and dioxins in the country on August 10, 1961.

writing contest on agent orange, dioxins held for first time hinh 0
The war ended nearly half a century ago, but many of the third generation have endured Agent Orange/dioxin sufferings (Photo:cand)
Held for both professional and non-professional journalists, it aims to promote the role of the media in raising public awareness of Agent Orange and dioxins and their consequences and to express support for the victims.

Entries can be a news story, an interview, a commentary, or an investigative piece published in Vietnamese in domestic print or online magazines and newspapers between January 1 and March 30.

They must be true stories and honestly depict people having a positive influence on the community and contributing to caring for and supporting victims of Agent Orange and dioxins.

Each writer can submit no more than three entries. The winners will be announced and receive awards in August, when the anniversary will be marked officially.


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