Workshop mulls over development planning in Vietnam

Domestic and international experts joined representatives of non-governmental organisations and other stakeholders at a workshop in Hanoi on August 24 to exchange opinions on development planning in Vietnam and feedback on the draft Law on Planning.

The event was organised by the National Assembly’s Economic Committee and the Ministry of Planning and Investment in collaboration with the UN Human Settlement Programme. 

Speaking at the event, Nguyen Duc Kien, deputy head of the NA Economic Committee, said despite a lot of progresses in planning work made over the 30 years of renewal , many limitations have still remained in the work such as the lack of linkages among plans, overlapping in the planning system, and the lax coordination among ministries, departments and localities. 

Methods and content of planning work remain merely administrative management tools and thus unsuitable for the market economy, he said, adding that the system of legal documents on planning, while large in number, are inconsistent and not synchronous, especially those regarding the inspection and assessment of plans’ execution, and the responsibilities of relevant agencies. 

Participants shared global planning trends and international guidelines on urban and territorial planning while making proposals to better the planning work in Vietnam. 

Many suggested Vietnam build a suitable and effective legal framework and carry out an overhaul of the building and implementation of plans while establishing a clear decentralisation and coordination mechanism. 

Composing of 6 chapters and 66 articles, the draft Planning Law is seen as one of the major solutions to set up a comprehensive infrastructure system in Vietnam. It is expected to be presented at the National Assembly’s 10th meeting next October for debating and the 11th sitting in March 2016 for approval.