Work-related lung diseases affect workers

Nearly 28,000 people suffer from occupational diseases in Vietnam, reports released at a recent scientific conference on lung cancer and work-related lung diseases in Hanoi.

The number could be higher, the reports said at the conference organised by the National Lung Hospital on June 24, adding there were six work-related lung diseases.

Health insurance covers 30 work-related diseases. Pneumoconiosis was the most common disease, comprising 74% of the total.

Work-related respiratory diseases rank second, comprising 32% of the total, followed by noise pollution-related health problems, with 17%.

Nearly two million workers, or nearly 4% of the country's workers, underwent health examination in 2012, the Ministry of Health said.

Experts from the National Lung Hospital said there should be focus on occupational diseases of the lungs and the bronchial tube, as early detection would limit the impact of the diseases.

The country does not have any clinics or hospitals for treating workers suffering from work-related lung diseases.

Workers in the mining, building materials and mechanical sectors can get pneumoconiosis, the ministry said.