Wild ‘deadly’ mushrooms poison 13 in Son La

VOV.VN - The Vietnam News Agency reports that 13 residents of the northern province of Son La remain hospitalized in critical condition after they consumed wild deadly mushrooms on the evening of Friday (July 14).

wild ‘deadly’ mushrooms poison 13 in son la  hinh 0

The victims developed symptoms including abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and dizziness about two hours after consuming the mushrooms at dinner and all were rushed to the emergency room at Son La General Hospital.

All the patients were admitted on the same day where they were treated with fluids and given prescriptions. Among them the youngest person is 7-years-old and the oldest person is 68.

Doctor Luong Bao Chung of Son La General Hospital said people suspected of having mushroom poisoning should seek medical attention immediately and should bring along any available remnant for identification.

He also warned the public that they should not pick wild mushrooms for consumption as it is difficult to distinguish edible mushroom species from inedible ones and some types can be deadly.


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