WB, Australia fund projects to improve administration efficiency

(VOV) - The World Bank (WB) and the Australian embassy in Vietnam have announced that they will fund a program to strengthen administration efficiency in Vietnam, according to the WB in Vietnam on November 18.

The program supports relevant agencies in sharing knowledge to improve the efficiency of administration at central and local levels in the creative forms of learning.

It also aims to help Vietnamese learners access a network of international and local experts to improve research work.

The program, now its seventh year, has already funded 18 units and trained 1,278 learners. Each involved unit can receive a maximum amount of US$30,000 in financial support.

Over the years, strengthening the efficiency of administration in Vietnam has become a focus of the World Bank and the Australian Government’s support program which aims to heighten public responsibility in the fight against corruption.

The program is co-ordinated by the Vietnam Development Information Centre (VDIC) operating under the WB.