Vu Xuan Trung, a young talent in mathematics in Thai Binh

(VOV) - Vu Xuan Trung, 11th grader of Thai Binh province, is one of the two gold medalists at the 56th International Mathematics Olympiad recently held in Thailand.

The six-member team claimed two gold medals, three silvers and one bronze, helping Vietnam rank fifth among 104 countries and territories at the 56th IMO. 

Trung was the youngest member of the Vietnamese delegation. His gold medal helped Vietnam achieve its highest ranking ever at an International Mathematics Opympiad.

His father, Vu Xuan Hao, said Trung revealed his talent in mathematics when he was in primary school. He won many mathematics awards at the district and provincial level during his primary and secondary school years.

“We were very happy to hear about his success. Trung is the youngest of 5 brothers and sisters. He has shown a talent in mathematics since he was little,” Hao said.
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In addition to farm work, Hao has had to provide lock repair services and his wife runs a convenience store to earn extra money to support Trung’s studies. Understanding his parents’ sacrifice Trung was determined to study and help his parents with housework.

Dao Thi Le Dung, Trung’s teacher at Thai Binh secondary school for gifted students, said that Trung, a student of few words, has always outclassed his classmates.

“Trung is an independent student and he has an ability to learn very quickly. He has figured out his own way of solving math problems,” she said.

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Trung does not attend private classes but teaches himself 2-3 hours a day outside class hours.

“I’ve been nurturing my passion for mathematics since primary school. I’ve always been interested in math-related stories and mathematicians. I just do what I can in everything,” Trung said.

Trung said that his success at his first International Mathematics Olympiad is just the beginning of a mathematical research career. He said he will try to improve his English and seek scholarships to study abroad.