VOV set to mark World Radio Day on February 13

VOV.VN - The Voice of Vietnam (VOV) and the UNESCO Office in Hanoi are poised to co-host a ceremony that celebrates World Radio Day 2020 on February 13 with the event set to run with the theme of “Radio and Diversity”.

vov set to mark world radio day on february 13 hinh 0

The ceremony will also see a seminar take place which will draw the participation of both Vietnamese and foreign reporters from many of the nation’s media agencies, in addition to international organisations and non-governmental organisations.

The occasion will offer media agencies the opportunity of advertising radio shows to listeners whilst reporters will be able to share their experience and be updated on new technology in booths that will be running on the sidelines of the ceremony.  

UNESCO first proclaimed February 13 to be a day to celebrate broadcast radio back in 2012 with World Radio Day being held annually ever since as a means of honouring the role of radio in communications whilst also paying tribute to radio producers and broadcasters.

According to UNESCO, radio remains a powerful medium which celebrates humanity in all its diversity whilst also constituting a platform for democratic discourse. At a global level, radio remains the most widely consumed form of media. This unique ability to reach a wide audience globally means that radio has the ability to shape a society’s experience of diversity, stand as an arena for all voices to speak out, be represented, and heard.

Radio stations should therefore serve diverse communities, offering a wide variety of shows, viewpoints, and content. Moreover, they should also reflect the diversity of audiences through their organisation and operation.

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