VOV, PRD Thailand increase cooperation

(VOV) -Radio the Voice of Vietnam (VOV) and the Public Relations Department (PRD) of Thailand have agreed to increase the sharing of information and cooperation in audio/visual broadcasting and news and current affairs exchange.

A document to this effect was signed at the 6th Joint Technical Committee (JTC) Meeting held in Bangkok on August 4 between PRD Deputy General Director Paitoon Hiranpradiith and VOV International Cooperation Department director Ngo Minh Hien.

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Under the document, both sides will broaden the scope of cooperation through sending their staff to each other’s organisations to share experience and learn about skills and make programmes in various areas of interests spanning from economics, social affairs to lifestyle. 

As the ASEAN Community is going to take shape next year, the two sides consented to include reports about ASEAN to be covered in their radio/TV news reports or documentaries so as to raise public awareness of the regional grouping’s integration.

They said as Vietnam and Thailand are members of the ASEAN family, there remain many dimensions in which they may deepen bilateral relationship, making their people feel they are truly ASEAN citizens through exchange programmes.

The two countries expressed their willingness to work closely together, through bilateral cooperation framework, especially regarding ASEAN.

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At the meeting, they also reviewed the implementation of the agreements reached at the fifth JTC meeting, noting that their cooperation programme is on the right track. They exchanges audio/visual, news and media personnel, and all the exchange items were broadcast or published on the national broadcasting system.

They acknowledged that the effective cooperation in the past year has helped promote mutual understanding between VOV and PRD, as well as between Vietnam and Thailand.

They agreed to hold the following JTC meeting next year in Hanoi.

VOV and PRD held the first JTC meeting in August 2009, laying a foundation for wider cooperation. They have so far conducted six such annual meetings, and many cooperation agreements have been carried out effectively.

Established in May 1933, PRD is an agency under the Thai Prime Minister’s Office, tasked with providing official news and current affairs of Thailand.

PRD manages all radio and TV stations in Thailand, including the National Broadcasting Services of Thailand (NBT), National News Agency of Thailand (NNT), and the national radio (Radio Thailand).