VOV, MNB step up broadcasting cooperation

VOV.VN - The Voice of Vietnam (VOV) and the Mongolian National Public Radio and Television (MNB) signed a cooperative agreement at VOV headquarters in Hanoi on August 21 with a focus on producing radio and television programs.

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The new agreement covers programs on culture, tourism, history, also agreeing to host high-level delegation exchanges when necessary and to encourage dialogues between reporters and editors to share their experience and improve professional skills.

At the reception for MNB's General Director Ninjjamts Luvsandas, Mongolian ambassador to Vietnam Dash Bilegdorj and Mr EnkhmandakhBaldan, Chairman of the National Council of MNB, VOV President Nguyen The Ky hailed Mongolia as a reliable and close friend of Vietnam, adding that their traditional friendship has been continually nurtured by the two countries through various periods and has become a valuable asset of the two peoples.

Mongolia has been one of the friends to have stood side by side with Vietnam in the struggles for national independence since the two countries set up diplomatic ties in 1954.

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VOV President Nguyen The Ky (first from left)
At the reception, the VOV President briefed participants on the role and activities of VOV – the first media agency to be established in Vietnam in September 1945. VOV now has eight radio channels, 17 television channels, two online newspapers and a print newspaper.

President Ky said VOV and MNB have established time-honoured cooperative relations and become reliable friends. The visit took place at a time when VOV is making preparations to celebrate its 73rd founding anniversary.

In 2013, both sides signed a cooperative agreement on broadcasting, laying a foundation for the development of ties and effective cooperation in multiple fields.

The top VOV leader extolled the signing of the new agreement with additional provisions and expressed his wish that both sides will proactively work together and increase regular exchanges to realise the provisions of the deal and enhance their cooperative ties in a comprehensive manner.

He spoke of his belief that cooperation and regular exchanges between VOV and MNB will significantly contribute to promoting the traditional friendship and serve as a bridge to strengthen the mutual understanding, solidarity and cultural dialogues between the two peoples in marking the 65th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Vietnam and Mongolia.

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MNB's General Director Ninjjamts Luvsandas (second from left)
For her part, Ms Ninjjamts Luvsandash gave an overview of the MNB, which has four radio channels broadcasting in five languages (Mongolian, English, Russian, Japanese and Chinese) and four television channels. In addition, MNB have had a dedicated web service since 2013 and have sought ways to develop the website by providing access to the contents of radio and television programs on the site.

Ms NinjjamtsLuvsandash stressed that although VOV and MNB signed a cooperative agreement in 2014, there remain limitations in implementing its provisions. Therefore, during her term of office, she took the initiative to upgrade and promote the cooperative activities to effectively concretize terms of the agreement.

She noted that apart from enhancing cooperation with VOV, the visit of the MNB delegation also aims to support the host team when they participate in the 2018 ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest (ABU Robocon 2018), scheduled for August 26 in the northern province of Ninh Binh. She pointed out that MNB also wants to learn from Vietnam’s experience in science, and related fields.

Ms Ninjjamts Luvsandash emphasized that the signing of the agreement will present opportunities for both sides to hold exchanges and discussions for practical, efficient and professional cooperation in the future.

After the signing ceremony, both sides pledged to work to actualise the contents of the cooperative agreement and to elevate the two countries' relations to a new height.


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