VOV desires stronger cooperation with Dell EMC

VOV.VN -VOV President Nguyen The Ky on July 12 hosted a reception in Hanoi for a delegation of experts of Dell EMC (formerly EMC Corporation of the US) headed by Patricia Florissi, Vice-President and Global Chief Technology Officer, currently on a visit to Vietnam.

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VOV President Nguyen The Ky
At the reception, the top VOV leader highlighted the specially important significance of the visit by the US group in the context that the Vietnamese government is gearing up the fourth industrial revolution.

He said he hopes that Dell EMC will provide VOV with support and consultations on its communications activities to facilitate Vietnamese people’s approach to 4.0 technologies.

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"Dell EMC’s development is admirable and is a model for Vietnamese agencies to follow in terms of applying 4.0 technologies. We believe with this visit and the group’s participation at the Industry 4.0 Summit and Exhibition 2018, Dell EMC will better cooperate with relevant Vietnamese agencies and sectors to help Vietnam leap forward in developing 4.0 technologies," he said.

Ky briefed his guests on the role and operational structure of VOV, noting that it was the earliest established media agency of Vietnam since September 1945.

VOV now has more than 3,100 staff with 8 radio channels, including VOV5 (VOVWorld) which broadcasts in 12 languages, 17 television channels, two online newspapers, and 11 oversea bureaus covering one in the US, he added.

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Patricia Florissi, Vice-President and Global Chief Technology Officer of Dell EMC.

Patricia Florissi, for her part, hailed Vietnam’s achievements in socio-economic development over the past years and shared views on a vision and a strategy for developing smart urban projects in the coming time, saying Dell will continue its close and effective cooperation with Vietnam.

She expressed her group’s desire to work closely with VOV in stepping up communication activities, updating people, especially the younger generation on new technologies, as well as promoting Dell 's role in supporting Vietnam on its path to the digital era.

Dell has operated in the Vietnam market for more than 20 years and has contributed to the Southeast Asian's development of information technology. Dell EMC is currently an independent consultant on smart city building solutions for Hanoi.