VND8.5 trillion to develop craft villages in Hanoi

(VOV) -The capital city will invest more than VND8.5 trillion to restore 21 villages and establish 17 others to boost tourism and the local economy.

In addition, Hanoi  will take several measures to help sustainably develop these craft villages and provide local residents with steady jobs.

The city will focus on seeking new markets for local products by coordinating with neighbouring provinces, promoting village tourism and linking smaller villages with larger centralised markets, supermarkets and commercial centres.

Produce from the villages is expected to contribute 8.4 percent to the city’s total industrial and handicraft production  by 2015, 8.5 percent by 2020 and 8.9 percent by 2030.

The city will also limit the uncontrolled expansion of new craft villages and direct production into industrial zones to better manage the environment and ensure social security.

Infrastructure in many of the villages will be upgraded to generate between  800,000 and 1 million jobs for rural workers, with average  incomes expected to rise from VND25-30 million in 2015 to VND35-40 million in 2020 and VND50-60 million in 2030.