VN promotes inclusive growth for the sake of women

Vietnam should build an inclusive growth model that ensures social and economic equal rights of women, according to a report.

vn promotes inclusive growth for the sake of women hinh 0
The report was announced at a workshop in Hanoi on June 3. The event was jointly held by the UN Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) and the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS). 

Vice President of the VASS Dang Nguyen Anh suggested gender equality policies should be directed towards women and vulnerable groups. 

The report is a lively illustration for the close coordination between domestic and international orgnisations in the struggle for gender equality in Vietnam , he said. 

Chief Representative of UN Women Shoko Ishikawa said the report indicates that though women are making significant contributions to economic development, the achievement of an inclusive growth model is still a challenge for the country. 

Layton Pike, a representative from Australia ’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, said Vietnam’s involvement in new free trade agreements will open up a number of growth opportunities across sectors, especially in manufacturing, garment-textile and electronics. 

He suggested enabling all people, particularly women, to enjoy the benefits from socio-economic development attainments. 

The report demonstrates Vietnam’s efforts to shift from an agriculture-dominated economy to one that is economically diverse and internationally integrated. 

The lives of millions of Vietnamese people have been improved, the report said, however, it warns that if the benefits from economic growth are unequally distributed and ineffectively managed, the gender and salary gap in the labour market could increase. 

The report recommends measures to improve the living standards of women.


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