VN nationals in Czech Republic support local COVID-19 fight

VOV.VN - Thousands of face masks sewn by Vietnamese people in the Czech Republic have been distributed to local residents to help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus in the European Union country.

In response to appeals by Vietnamese People Association chapters in the Czech Republic, many groups of Vietnamese nationals there spent time sewing face masks to be distributed to local people and State agencies.

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Thousands of face masks have been sewn by Vietnamese citizens in the Czech Republic to be distributed to local residents
“As far as I know face masks are currently in short supply in the Czech Republic. Through the media, I know a Czech village wanted to make masks for villagers and I contacted some people nearby to produce masks for them and for the local council,” said Nguyen Thi Dieu Linh, President of the Vietnamese Youth and Students Association in the Czech Republic.

“I have received a lot of support from the Vietnamese community after putting forward a proposal to the Vietnamese People Association and uploading information on Facebook.”

Dozens of material boxes have been distributed to groups of people to sew masks. For just several days, dozens of boxes of face masks have been made and sent to Czech people and agencies in need.

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Professor Pavel Martasek thanks the Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic for their charity work
“I would like to express my sincere thanks to Vietnamese citizens living in the Czech Republic for assisting Czech people at this difficult moment,” said Professor Pavel Martasek, Director of the Biotechnology and Biomedicine Centre of the Academy of Sciences and Charles University. “These masks will certainly be given to our staff on time.”

Meanwhile, the Vietnamese People Association chapter in Pardubice province called on Vietnamese people living there to sew masks for local residents.

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The Vietnamese community in Pardubice hands over face masks to the provincial council representative
“In just several days we have sewn and handed over 500 masks as gifts to the provincial council,” Tran Ngoc Phu, a Vietnamese national living in Pardubice, said, adding that a council representative thanked Vietnamese citizens for their charity work and pledged to distribute the products to people in need.

The Czech Republic is one of the Central European countries having a high virus infection rate on a daily basis. On average more than 100 infection cases are confirmed a day and the number is predicted to keep rising.

At present the Czech Republic have more than 1,000 people testing positive for the COVID-19, but no deaths.