Vietnamese-French professor and nuclear safety in Vietnam

Talented French professor of Vietnamese descent Bui Huy Duong wishes to spend the rest of his life helping Vietnam develop a safe nuclear industry, considering this his final project.

Duong is among a number of successful Vietnamese people living and working in France. He is also the only Vietnamese member of the 350-strong French Academy of Sciences.

Academician Bui Huy Duong believes that scientists can help their homeland through various means that don’t necessarily require a return to Vietnam. Therefore, he has stayed in France, which has an environment favourable for scientific research, and tried to help his fatherland from abroad.

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Prof Bui Huy Duong
Throughout his career, he has made silent contributions such as receiving and guiding Vietnamese students and postgraduates who chose to study in France, or granting copyrights on a number of his specialized books to Vietnamese universities. These books will be translated into Vietnamese and serve as teaching and research tools for students.

As former advisor to the Electricity of France Group (EDF), Prof Bui Huy Duong is placing all his enthusiasm in activities aimed at helping Vietnam ensure safety in nuclear power plants to be built in Vietnam in the future.

 At present he is collecting documents related to the field of nuclear electricity.

“Vietnam’s nuclear electricity science and technology has not been developed or has been based on cooperation with foreign countries,” said Duong.

“A strategy is needed to train Vietnamese students and postgraduates in sciences related to the nuclear power industry such as solid mechanics, construction, applied mathematics, and modelling,” Duong added. “Even in the US and France, there remain many issues that need solving thoroughly and require coordination between universities. Therefore, PhD-level

knowledge is extremely necessary for nuclear electricity. This will be the most important intention for the rest of my life.”

Duong also said Vietnam must develop both the quality and quantity of the nuclear power science force, comprised of scientists from all domestic universities.

He suggested Vietnam organize nuclear safety agencies in a close and effective manner.

According to Duong, nuclear safety regulations in France are very good and the French have nearly 40 years’ experience in this field and have introduced many changes to improve the safety of nuclear power plants.