Vietnamese women in Germany present face masks to locals

A group of female Vietnamese nationals living in the German city of Dresden has contributed to fighting the novel coronavirus pandemic there by sewing and buying face masks to be used by both local residents and medical workers.

vietnamese women in germany present face masks to locals  hinh 0
Vietnamese women in Germany present face masks to local residents
Representatives from the Vietnamese female group in Dresden presented a haul of 900 face masks on July 1 to the Evangelisch Clearingstelle church, a local humanitarian organisation.

The group had originally been established for the purpose of helping those living in Berlin without health insurance.

Previously, the Vietnamese group distributed over 250 face masks to the AWO Bayouma-Haus multi-cultural centre in order to provide extra protection for local medical workers.

The group also sewed and presented over 1,000 face masks to a number of offices throughout Berlin.


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