Vietnamese woman cycles across Vietnam to collect litter

A Vietnamese woman has spent 69 days cycling from north to south so as to collect rubbish as a way to spread environmental awareness.

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Bui Thi Thuy, 29, from the northern province of Nam Dinh, has traveled to 24 localities from Hanoi to the southernmost province of Ca Mau on her bicycle to help protect the environment.

During her one- or two-day stay in each province and city, Thuy joined local authorities and voluntary groups in collecting trash.

She also arrived at local schools, collaborating with the school boards in encouraging their students to pick up garbage from the campus.

After 69 days of relentless traveling, Thuy managed to collect some 240 bags of rubbish.

With local youths’ help, Thuy was able to pick about 10 bags of litter in each locality.

“All the collected waste was brought to the right places, while objects such as bottles were sold for recycling,” Thuy said.

More often than not, the woman spent two hours collecting garbage along the banks of rivers or lakes, in downtown areas, and around school campuses, where people tend to litter.

She is the founder of the Book Ambassadors Club, whose members often partake in campaigns to save the environment and call for others to join in their efforts.

They are appealing for the construction of a garbage treatment plant using clean energy as well as inspiring others to recycle.

Thuy has worked all kinds of jobs, from selling bread, books, and flowers to running a clothing store, in order to fund the social activities carried out by her club.

Her trash collection project is run with her savings from working as a part-time assistant for a relative’s company, along with contributions from other members of the Book Ambassadors Club.

Thuy also received unconditional support from local residents in the form of accommodation and meals during her stay.

The woman bought books and confectionery for needy young students wherever she traveled to.

She has therefore won love and admiration from those around her.

“Some students texted to thank me for bringing my project to their hometowns, a motivation for me to keep going forward,” Thuy recounted.

Several schools have also turned Thuy’s project into a regular activity to raise their students’ environmental awareness.

Thuy even met a young Russian man named Johnny, who wished to accompany her to some destinations of her journey.

The Vietnamese conservationist is planning to expand her effort to other countries, saying that she would conduct the activity during her upcoming trip to India.


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