Vietnamese in jail for stealing US$11,500 from US online payments

A court in central Vietnam on September 14 sentenced a man to 4 years in prison for using stolen IDs to appropriate US$11,502 from online payment transactions between US-based Square Company and a customer.

Duong Dinh Dat, 24, was also ordered to repay the total amount to the company.

According to the indictment, Dat in 2012 found a hackers' database of hacked email accounts which was spread online.

He accessed four accounts, one of which contained emails related to online payments made by Square Company to the account owner.

vietnamese in jail for stealing us$11,500 from us online payments hinh 0
Duong Dinh Dat, 24, stands at a trial in Danang on September 14. Photo: Nguyen Tu

In Sep. 2012, Dat opened an account at, another US financial services website that provides online money transfer.

In Feb. 2013, he used the stolen email ID to log in the owner's Square account and replaced the original bank account with his Payoneer one.

Between March 2013 and April 2014, he stole a total of US$11,502 which Square sent to its customer.