Vietnam welcomes first meteor shower of 2017

VOV.VN - On January 4, astronomy lovers will be able to look up and watch the sky over Vietnam sparkle with the Quadrantids Meteor Shower, according to astronomers at the Academy of Science and Technology.

vietnam welcomes first meteor shower of 2017 hinh 0
The annual Quadrantid Shower comes every year from December 28 to January 12. It’s nominally active during the first week of January and best seen from Earth’s northerly latitudes. However, peak activity lasts less than a day, and you need to be on Earth’s night side during the Quadrantids’ short peak.

Experts said the annual meteor shower is the first astronomical event of the new year and viewers can see as many as 50-60 meteors an hour when it peaks around early morning of January 4.

To locate the shower in the sky, find a spot away from the city lights and look up. It’s just that easy, experts said.

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