Vietnam, US hold online talks to deal with post-war consequences

VOV.VN - Scholars from both Vietnam and the United States took part in an online discussion on July 15 aimed at improving relations and addressing post-war consequences 25 years after the normalization of their diplomatic ties.

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Vietnamese Ambassador to the US Ha Kim Ngoc and the US Ambassador to Vietnam Dan Kritenbrink Vietnam (bottom) also attend the online talks 
The event was organised by the War Legacies Working Group at Stimson Center to celebrate the 25th anniversary since the establishment of Vietnam-US diplomatic ties.

During the discussion, US Senator Patrick Leahy emphasised that the two countries have made major achievements since diplomatic relations were normalized 25 years ago.

The Governments and citizens of both countries have made concerted efforts in order to speed up settlements in the aftermath of the war, contributing to peace and reconciliation between the two sides with Vietnam developing into the US’ closest partner in East Asia, he said.

Vietnam has helped search more than 700 sets of remains of US servicemen missing in action during the war over the past 30 years. Meanwhile, the US has also provided support for the country to clear unexploded bombs and mines, detoxify dioxin hotspots such as Da Nang and Bien Hoa airports, and provide humanitarian aid to war victims.

Recently, the US Congress and the US Administration have moved to put more efforts into a scheme aimed at supporting the search for Vietnamese soldiers missing in war.

Senator Leahy expressed hope that younger generations of both countries will continue to tackle the aftermath of the war for over the next 25 years, address new challenges such as clean energy development and deal with threats to regional peace and security.

The US Senator also said he believes Vietnam will continue to be a proactive member of the international community moving forward.

In response, Vietnamese Ambassador to the US Ha Kim Ngoc emphasised that rarely has the settlement of post-war issues made a significant contribution to normalizing diplomatic ties and building trust between the two countries like between Vietnam and the US.

This is not only a role model for accelerating the reconciliation process between the two former foes, now partners, but also for settling conflicts both regionally and globally, said the diplomat.

He suggested that the War Legacies Working Group at Stimson Center should continue to assist in strengthening connectivity among young generations in the US Congress and Administration in a bid to help them gain greater insights into the history of mutual ties. This will help future generations learn from the past and get involved in overcoming consequences of the war in the future.

US Ambassador to Vietnam Dan Kritenbrink affirmed that the US has always remained committed to intensifying its all-round partnership with Vietnam, indicated a common vision for a peaceful and stable Indo-Pacific region on the basis of mutual respect for international law, sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as each other's political institutions.

The US diplomat stressed that trust, understanding, and mutual respect have become the central pillars for effective co-ordination between both sides over the past 30 years, especially in terms of humanitarian activities and settlement of war aftermath.

Ambassador Kritenbrink therefore vowed the US’ resolve to continue collaboration with  Vietnam in the near future to tackle post-war consequences.

Delegates at the online talks discussed the current implementation of ongoing projects in Vietnam and future prospects for post-war recovery operations.

Rarely in the relationship between the two countries, the issue of overcoming the consequences of war has made an important contribution to the process of normalization, improving relations and building trust as between Vietnam and the United States.


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