Vietnam to have largest meteor shower in 10 years

Vietnamese people are expecting a great meteor shower at about 3am on November 17 and 18.

Nguyen Duc Phuong, a member of the Vietnam Astronomy Association, said that Vietnam has 10 meteor showers a year with some 100 meteors per hour. The Leonids meteor shower this year is quite strange as it will not affect people’s health and hold any religious elements.

The Leonids meteor shower on November 17 and 18 will contain 500 meteors.

He added that people should head to the East at the constellation Leo to have the best view of the meteor shower.

The Leonids meteor shower is expected to happen every thirty three years with 1000 meteors per hour. The latest meteor shower appeared in 1998.

The Leonids meteor shower will appear when the Earth goes through the dust trails of 55P/Tempel-Tuttle comet. The materials in the dust trails rush into the Earth’s atmosphere with the velocity of 30-50km per second and burn out, making small rays of light at the height of 60-100km form the Earth’s surface. These rays of light are what we call meteors.

Another meteor shower with 60-80 meteors per hour will appear before the dawn of December 14. This will be a spectacular show with many meteors of different colours.