Vietnam targets 42% forest coverage by 2020

Vietnam aims to increase the nationwide forest coverage to 42%, equivalent to 14.4 million hectares, by 2020, according to the target programme on sustainable forest development during 2016-2020 recently approved by the Prime Minister.

vietnam targets 42% forest coverage by 2020 hinh 0

The country expects to achieve yearly forestry production growth rate of 5.5-6% and have artificial forests produce 20 cubic metres per hectare per year. 

Exports of woodwork and forestry products are forecast to fetch US$8-8.5 billion.

The sector eyes 25 million jobs with increased incomes, helping reduce poverty and improving livelihoods for forestry workers. 

The progamme sets out three main missions: protecting forest and preserving the nature, improving forest quality and productivity and increasing added value of forest products.

Under the programme, 15% of degrading forests, especially special-use forests, will be recovered and preserved by 2020. 

Additional 100,000 hectares of special-use forests will be planted while the number of rare species which are on the brink of extinction will be increased.

Law enforcement should be promoted to cut down violations on forest development and protection.


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