Vietnam succeeds in reducing child mortality

Vietnam has made impressive progress in reducing mortality rate of children under five over the past decades, according to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

The number of deaths among children under 5 fell significantly from 66 children/1,000 infants in 2000 to 16 children in 2011.

Lotta Sylwander, a UNICEF representative in Vietnam, praised Vietnam’s strong determination to protect and bring about better lives for children and long-term benefits for the whole society.

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Lotta said child deaths in Vietnam are often caused by inborn diseases relating to prenatal care, more than 50 percent within 28 hours of birth.

 She citied pneumonia and diarrhea as two major causes of child mortality in the country.

The mortality rate will likely to drop further because these causes can be prevented, Lotta added. Factors, such as healthcare, nutrition, and improvement in education, safe water, food, child protection and raising women’s position will help improve child survival and development.