Vietnam responds to World Food Safety Day

VOV.VN -The Administration for Food Safety and Hygiene have carried out activities alongside GrabFood in response to World Food Safety Day, the first time that the country has marked such an event.

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This year, World Food Safety Day, supported he World Health Organization (WHO), is running with the theme of "Food Safety, everyone's business".

During the launching ceremony, Nguyen Thanh Phong, deputy head of the Ministry of Health's Administration for Food Safety and Hygiene, said 2019 marks Vietnam’s debut in joining other countries from across the world to celebrate World Food Safety Day which falls on June 7.

He noted that in recent years knowledge and activities surrounding food safety in the country has seen positive progress be made. However, Vietnam also faces a number of challenges to ensure food safety and prevent food poisoning occurring in factories, schools, and hospitals, he added.

Phong also emphasized that the Ministry of Health highly appreciates the role of organisations, ministries, and agencies in ensuring that food safety standards are maintained nationwide.

Meanwhile, a representative from GrabFood said that through their technology platform, GrabFood has been able to connect to thousands of business partners. This has therefore contributed to spreading the message of food safety and addressing hygiene issues.

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WHO’s Five Keys to Safer Food
The representative added that GrabFood wants to contribute further towards the sustainable development of the wider community. Following pioneering efforts in co-operating with the Administration for Food Safety and Hygiene, the company also hopes to provide essential information to improve the quality of Vietnamese meals, thereby helping bring a prosperous and healthy life to people.

Those in attendance at the event were also provided with the core messages of the WHO’s Five Keys to Safer Food. They are: keep clean; separate raw and cooked; cook thoroughly; keep food at safe temperatures; and use safe water with raw materials.

A street parade to promote food safety is also to be held on the main streets of Hanoi.

In the short term, the Administration for Food Safety and Hygiene will co-operate with GrabFood to implement training courses on food safety in Hanoi, Haiphong, Danang, and Ho Chi Minh City, four of the nation’s key cities.


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