Vietnam partners with India in biotechnology

Vietnam defines India as a strategic partner in its international biotechnology research and development cooperation, which is considered crucial to green industry and sustainable development.

Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Chu Ngoc Anh made the statement at an international conference held in Hanoi on February 27 with the participation of scientists from technology research and development institutes in both Vietnam and India . 

The Government of Vietnam considers biotechnology as one of the four prioritised science and technology–related areas in the country’s socio-economic development strategy, said Anh. 

The Deputy Minister added that the conference will serve as a forum for the two countries’ scientists to exchange views on future cooperation in the field. 

Participants agreed that biotechnology will play an important role in the development of “green industry” as both countries share similarities in their agriculture-based economy.

During the two-day event they discussed concrete measures to promote biotechnology especially in agriculture, food production, health care and environmental protection.

VNA/VOV online