Vietnam offers amnesty for illegal RoK guest workers

VOV.VN - Guest workers without legal documents who are currently in the Republic of Korea (RoK) have a golden opportunity to end their ordeal by benefiting from the amnesty announced by the Vietnam government.

vietnam offers amnesty for illegal rok guest workers hinh 0
Deputy Minister of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs Doan Mau Diep announced the plan to clean up the labour market. According to it, undocumented foreign workers can leave the RoK and return to the homeland on exit-only visas without being penalized.

From May 1 to September 30, inclusive, Vietnamese guest workers illegally in the RoK that return to Vietnam voluntarily will be accorded amnesty from administrative punishments as stipulated in Decree 35/2013.

Further, the RoK government has recently issued a new policy exempting guest workers illegally in the country who on their own volition return to Vietnam from April 1 through October 2016, from the five-year ban on re-entry for work purposes.


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