Vietnam Green Architecture Week 2019 set for September 23

VOV.VN - Hanoi is scheduled to play host to Vietnam Green Architecture Week 2019 from September 23-27 as part of a range of activities taking place in response to the World Green Building Week program.

vietnam green architecture week 2019 set for september 23 hinh 0
Under the sponsorship of the Vietnam Association of Architects, the event is jointly held by the Vietnam Green Urban Development and Research Institute, the Architecture Magazine, the International Finance Corporation, and the UNDP-funded project known as "Improving energy efficiency in commercial and high-rise residential buildings in Vietnam".

Vietnam Green Architecture Week 2019 will see a wide range of practical activities take place, with a specific focus on typical themes such as "green high rise residential buildings".

These activities will be held for the purpose of raising awareness among relevant sectors, agencies, and residents about the role of green buildings, green architecture, green materials, green technology, and solutions equipped with green certification systems.

Through these activities, it will help promote the trend of green buildings and green architecture which is still in its initial stages of development in Vietnam.

It is hoped that greater development in these factors will make a significant contribution to the fight against climate change, which could prove detrimental to Vietnam if no action is taken.

A number of interesting events will be planned alongside Vietnam Green Architecture Week, including a training course on how to use EDGE and ENVI-MET software, an awards ceremony promoting the Green Architecture Award 2019 for students, and a host of seminars.


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