Vietnam expands Francophone cooperation

VOV.VN - Since it joined the Francophone Community in the 1970s, Vietnam has contributed to the development of the organization as an active member. This month French-speaking people around the world and in Vietnam are celebrating the annual Francophone Festival.

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The goal of the Francophone Community is to promote the French language and the cultural diversity and richness of French-speaking countries. Through language and culture exchanges, the organization hopes to enhance international solidarity and cooperation in politics and economics.

French is a popular foreign language in Vietnam and is spoken along with English at international seminars and meetings.

Vanissa Barrak, Director of the Francophone Office in the Asia Pacific region, located in Hanoi, said Vietnam plays an important role in the Francophone community. 

“In our strategy, we pay much attention to Asia Pacific and prioritize the promotion of the French language which remains unpopular in the region. But in Vietnam, French is quite popular. Our long-term goal is to use French to expand culture and education cooperation and exchanges and boost cooperation in economics and other areas with Vietnam and the rest of the region", Vanissa Barrak stressed. 

Vietnam has been an active, dynamic member of the organization in promoting dialogues, exchanges, and initiatives to boost cooperation within the community.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Belgium Vu Anh Quang said "Through the Francophone International Organization, we have promoted cooperation with its member countries. This cooperation is very important to Vietnam’s foreign policy of strengthening international integration.”


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