Vietnam detains 21 Chinese fugitives in disguised farm

VOV.VN - Vietnamese police on August 24 arrested 21 Chinese citizens who are wanted by Chinese authorities on charges of frauds and property appropriation.

vietnam detains 21 chinese fugitives in disguised farm hinh 0
21 Chinese fugitives are detained residing in deserted houses in Lao Cai
The police raided and detained 21 Chinese citizens illegally residing in deserted houses in Kim Thanh commercial area of Lao Cai city, a locality bordering China.

Preliminary investigations show the group were aided and abetted by a Vietnamese-Chinese national to illegally enter Vietnam many days ago.

They lived in a row of abandoned houses in Kim Thanh commercial area with a fence of 6 meters high. To avoid the police and passers-by, they arranged people on guard and raised poultry in front of the houses like a farm.

Every day, the person of dual nationality went out to buy food for the group staying inside.

Searching their residence, the police seized nearly 300 electronic devices such as tablets, laptops, and cell phones.

Authorities launched an investigation into the case.

Earlier on August 21 the police in Mong Cai city of Quang Ninh province also detained a group of 11 Chinese citizens who illegally entered Vietnam to organize gambling on Chinese sites.


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