Vietnam achieves high in gender equality

VOV.VN - The United Nations has assessed that Vietnam is one of the countries with impressive gender equality achievements.

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Thanks to Party guidelines, State policies, and active involvement by sectors at all level, gender equality results have boosted Vietnam’s socio-economic development.

Vietnam ranked 60th of 154 countries on the UN’s Gender Inequality Index in 2014. The UN’s Millennium Development Goals report in 2013 said Vietnam completed the goals of gender equality and raising women’s status two years ahead of schedule.

Gender equality achievements

Vietnam has fined tune its legal framework and policies on gender equality by issuing more legal documents in line with the 2006 Law on Gender Equality and the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW).

Vietnam has implemented a National Strategy on Gender Equality from 2011-2020 to raise awareness, narrow the development gap, and promote women’s status. It has carried out regional and global initiatives to promote and protect women’s rights and fight gender discrimination.

Vietnamese women account for more than half of the population and nearly half of the labor force. The percentage of female National Assembly deputies from 2016 to 2021 is 26.8%, one of the highest percentages of female National Assembly deputies in the world.

Women hold key positions, including Politburo member, National Assembly Chairwoman and Deputy Chairwoman, Vice President, Minister and Deputy Minister. Ethnic women work in many sectors including education and healthcare. Female workers account for 49% of the work force. The literacy rate among women is 92% and 80% of ethnic child girls attend schools. Women account for over 50% of bachelor's degrees, 30% of master's degrees, and 17% of PhDs.

Gender gap narrowed

Vietnam’s human rights efforts, in accordance with the UN Universal Periodic Review Mechanism of which Vietnam was a member from 2014-2016, have focused on areas with serious inequality or a high risk of inequality. Vietnam has reduced human trafficking and domestic violence and created opportunities for women to study and improve their profession.

The Vietnamese government has enhanced international cooperation to improve public awareness on gender equality, eliminate gender violence, and narrow the employment, income, and social status gaps. Measures will continue to be implemented to increase the number of ethnic women in leadership and give women more opportunities to raise their incomes, and improve living standard and education. Communications programs will be enhanced to raise awareness and social perceptions of gender inequality.


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