US$11.8 mln for irrigation project in Kien Giang

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has approved a component of the Water Management Project for Rural Development in the Mekong Delta (WB6) to build and install an irrigation drain system along the Cut Canal in Kien Giang.

According to the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the sub-project will be implemented with a total investment of nearly around US$11.8 million, including US$9.5 million sourced from the World Bank.

us$11.8 mln for irrigation project in kien giang hinh 0
Scheduled to be completed in early 2017, the irrigation efforts target climate change and rising sea level adaptation.

Once operational, the project will help manage water sources and prevent salt intrusion and flood tides while controlling and draining water, thus ensuring stable agriculture production and aquaculture activities in Rach Gia city and Tan Hiep and Chau Thanh districts.