US, Vietnam navies embrace training opportunities

VOV.VN - The US Navy has announced its guided-missile destroyer USS John S. McCain (DDG 56) will moor at Tien Sa Port in Danang to participate in bilateral training exercises from Sept. 28-Oct.1 with their counterparts from the Vietnam Navy.

us, vietnam navies embrace training opportunities  hinh 0

The USS John S. McCain’s visit to Danang and collaboration with the Vietnam Navy is a great opportunity to reinforce the teamwork and interoperability that make our two navies such effective partners, said the US Navy in making the announcement.

The ship under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Alfredo J. Sanchez, aims to build upon the already strong bonds shared between US and Vietnam Navy Shipmates and sharpen their tactical skills, said the US Navy.

By training together, the two navies become more capable and more proficient integrating ships, aircraft, and crews allowing them to be more ready to operate together.


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