Up to 6 storms, tropical depressions affect mainland in 2018

Among 12-13 storms forecast to enter East Sea, up to six are forecast to directly affect the mainland in 2018, according to the National Centre for Hydro-Meteorological Forecastings.

The central region will be the most affected area.

Rainfall in northern localities in April, June and July is predicted to be 15-25 percent higher than the same months in previous years while that of November and December will be lower. Precipitation in May, August, September and October will be equal to the average level of previous years.

up to 6 storms, tropical depressions affect mainland in 2018 hinh 0

Meanwhile, the central region will witness an increase of 15%-30% in rainfall during April-May and September-October and that in November-December will be much lower than past years.

The rainy season in the Central Highlands and southern regions is forecast to come earlier than previous years, with localities seeing a 15%-30% pickup in rainfall in April and May.

Water levels in the Thao River, Lo River and the lower part of the Hong River will fall 20%-30% from April-June. The peak of the flood season in the northern region will hit alert level 2 or 3.

The flood season in the central and Central Highlands regions will possibly come earlier than previous years, though flood levels are projected to be the same as previously recorded.

Saline intrusion in the Mekong Delta region is expected to be less severe than previous years due to higher water levels in the Mekong River from April to June.

The centre also said that coastal areas in the south will experience high tidal levels in October, November and mid-December.


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