Two Vietnamese listed in Microsoft’s Top 100 Security Researchers

Two young Vietnamese have been named among the top 100 security researchers of Microsoft.

two vietnamese listed in microsoft’s top 100 security researchers hinh 0
Combined photo of Tran Tien Hung (left) and Do Quang Thanh. Photo: Vietnam News Agency
Tran Tien Hung, 26, and Do Quang Thanh, 22, were placed 88th and 97th, respectively on the list.

The two currently works at the Network Security Center of Viettel, a military-run telecommunication corporation in Vietnam, responsible for inspecting possible vulnerabilities in the system and give necessary warning.

Hung, whose screenname is hungtt08, found three by-design bugs on Windows operating system including Elevation of Privilege, classified as ‘Important’ in Microsoft’s Bug Bar, which allows hackers to execute arbitrary codes or gain more privilege than authorized and exploit information stored in the hijacked computer.

This bug was found on the two dominant operating systems in the world, the Windows 7 and Windows 10.

In the meantime, Thanh, under the alias nyaacate, identified a critical bug related to a fault in Windows graphic interface.

This flaw opens a doorway to the private data inside the computer’s mainboard where personal information, bank account, social network accounts, or a hidden folder are stored.

According to Microsoft, this dangerous bug lays hidden at the core of the computer which a hacker can hijack and gain control of the entire operating system.

Microsoft’s Top 100 Security Researchers was announced at Black Hat Conference, a highly technical conference of computer security with attendees being governments, corporations and even underground researchers, in Silicon Valley in August.

The list was compiled according to cases fixed from July 1, 2017 to June 30,2018 on account of the security impact, scaled 1 to 20, and the severity of each cases, from level 1 to 3.


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