Two detained after deadly music fest

Police on September 21 detained two people allegedly involved in the deaths of seven people at a weekend music festival in Hanoi.

two detained after deadly music fest hinh 0

Le Thai Son, 26, director of the festival organiser company A Chau Connected Agency, was taken into custody for alleged violations of safety in mass gatherings.

According to the police, Son should be responsible for the deaths of seven young adults in the worst fatal narcotics-related case in Vietnam to date.

The police also issued an emergency arrest warrant for 19-year-old Bui Manh Duy. He was accused of luring others into illegally using narcotics.

Duy allegedly gathered a group of 15 young adults to chip in to buy 10 pills of ecstasy and marijuana to ingest at the music event.

Among the group, one suffered a drug overdose.

The electric music festival Trip to the Moon hosted at the West Lake Water Park turned tragic on September 16 when seven young people died and another five were admitted to the hospital due to drug overdose.


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