Two arrested for illegally transporting Vietnamese to China

(VOV) -Police in the northern mountainous province of Son La has taken into custody two locals for illegally transporting 26 Vietnamese people to China.

The arrestees are Pham Van Ngoc-a passenger bus driver and 32-year-old To Van Dung, a resident from the Huy Ha commune, Phu Yen district.

Initially, Dung told police he had asked each person to deposit between VND3.5 million and VND4.5 million. Within a short period of time, the accused had successfully gathered 26 people, including 12 women, and earned hundreds of millions of dong in the process.

He later hired Ngoc to transport these people to a trail in Chi Lang district, Lang Son province and waited for the right time to help them flee to China.

The provincial police are conducting further investigations to gather more incriminating evidence against the accused.