Travel restrictions placed on Hanoi-HCM City transport links

VOV.VN - The Ministry of Transport requested that airlines reduce the frequency of domestic flights, with air routes between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to Da Nang and Phu Quoc set to run only one flight per day in an attempt to halt the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) from the two major cities to other localities between March 30 and April 15.

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Hanoi Railway Station
Simultaneously, transport activities involving all nine-seater cars and nine-seater passenger buses moving both in and out of the two cities are also poised to be suspended.

Moreover, on fixed routes going in and out of both major cities passenger, buses are now required to only conduct two trips per day on routes less than 100 km, whilst also ensuring that the number of passengers on a single bus does not exceed 50% of capacity and does not go over 20 people.

In addition, passenger cars have been asked to only transport passengers on a single trip per day on all remaining routes.

The Ministry of Transport also requested that the Vietnam Railway Authority direct the Vietnam Railway Corporation and other rail transport firms to suspend all operations on local routes from 30 March to April 15.

On rail routes that link Hanoi with Ho Chi Minh City, only a maximum of two passenger trains per day will be permitted to operate.

Meanwhile, the Vietnam Maritime Administration appealed directly to the Maritime Port Authority to co-ordinate efforts with Border Protection and Health Quarantine agencies to prevent crew members from going ashore and limit the amount that crew members change.

Furthermore, the Maritime Port Authority has been asked to co-ordinate alongside localities to reduce the number of ships traveling from the mainland to the island and move to intensify measures so they can strictly manage crew members and passengers.

Vietnamese airlines have also taken steps by suspending all international air routes, while the railway industry has also put a temporary halt to the majority of local trains.

At present, passengers traveling by these modes of transport must fill in a health declaration form and wear a face mask throughout their journey. Similarly for those traveling by air, passengers will have to have their body temperature measured, whilst the airline is able to refuse anyone who shows signs of a cough or fever.


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