Traffic inspector who hit Hanoi airport employee asked to make public apology

The Hanoi Party Committee has ordered that one of the two passengers who assaulted a female employee at the city’s Noi Bai International Airport earlier this week issue a public apology to her.

traffic inspector who hit hanoi airport employee asked to make public apology hinh 0

The request is among a number of orders the Party Committee has given to the municipal Department of Transport in an urgent dispatch on October 21.

The transport department is involved in the case because Dao Vinh Thuan, 37, one of the two men that hit Vietnam Airlines airport service deputy Nguyen Le Quynh Anh on October 18, is an official of the department’s inspectorate.

On October 18, Thuan and Tran Duong Tung, 32, were denied boarding their flight due to later arrival at the boarding gate.

Anh and her colleague, Ta Duc Giang, then approached the two men, attempting to help them reschedule for another flight, but were met with extreme anger and aggression. The issue quickly escalated when Tung hit Anh several times on her head with his wallet while Thuan restrained her by grabbing her shirt.

The incident was filmed by CCTV, with Tung and Thuan later slapped a flight ban of 12 and six months, respectively.

The transport department has to make sure that Thuan publicly apologize to Anh and Vietnam Airlines by October 24, according to the Party Committee fiat.

The department must also cooperate with its police counterpart to continue handling the case and strictly sanction those with wrongdoings.

The Party Committee said the incident between passengers and airport employees has left negative impact on the image of Hanoi’s public servants so the case must be properly handled.

While it is unclear when Thuan will follow the apology order, the other passenger, Tung, tried to meet Anh at her house on October 21 but could not find the right address, according to Giao Thong (Traffic) newspaper, run by the Ministry of Transport.

According to some Giao Thong photos, Tung is seen carrying a big gift and tries to make a phone call to Anh.

“She just did not pick up the phone, and none of the local residents I asked knows of her address,” Tung told the newspaper.


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