Traffic death toll surges in March

The death toll from traffic accidents in March surged, with 169 more fatalities recorded than during the same month last year, according to the National Traffic Safety Committee.

The statistics from the committee showed there were more than 5,850 traffic accidents in the first quarter of the year, killing 2,345 people and injuring nearly 5,500. 

That represents a slight annual decline for the first quarter. Last year there were 731 more accidents, 82 more deaths and 974 more injured. 

During the January-March period of this year, road accidents claimed 2,284 lives, 38 people died on the nation’s railways; and 23 lost their lives in waterways. 

The committee’s report also pointed out an increase of accidents in 23 provinces and cities. Worryingly, 16 of these posted an increase of more than 10 percent. 

Most accidents took place outside of cities and at night. Motorbikes caused two-thirds of accidents.