Torrential rain eases saline intrusion in Hau Giang

A torrential rain lasting for more than one hour on afternoon April 30 improved saline instruction in Long My district in the Mekong Delta province of Hau Giang.

The rain also eased scorching weather in the past days and rescued many areas of agricultural land that has faced water shortage, particularly in Luong Tam and Xa Phien communes in Long My district.

According to the province’s agricultural authorities, rice could not be cultivated on around 6,000 hectares in the Summer-Autumn crop because of drought and saline intrusion. 
torrential rain eases saline intrusion in hau giang hinh 0
Other affected areas include vegetables fields, fishery farms and water hyacinth. 

According to Luu Phuoc Dai, head of the Irrigation Division under the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, since mid-April, Hau Giang announced saline instruction disaster in Long My district and Vi Thanh city. 

The province is closely monitoring saline intrusion and is considering the announcement of saline intrusion disasters in Vi Thuy district and some other districts if weather continues getting worse. 

According to the provincial officials, the rain on April 30 is just a season-transitioning rain and the hot weather would continue and the rainy season is likely to begin from the end of May.

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