“Tiger Traffic” to be shown in Hanoi

Documentary film “Tiger Traffic” will be screened in Hanoi on March 29 to publicize the ongoing fight against wildlife trafficking in Asia and spark discussion of solutions.

Part of National Geographic Channel’s “Crimes Against Nature” series, the film portrays ongoing undercover investigations by law enforcement agencies collaborating with conservationists to stop one of the region’s largest tiger trafficking syndicates.

The investigators featured in “Tiger Traffic” recently uncovered and arrested key members of a syndicate trafficking tigers from Thailand to Vietnam and China. This task force will be present at the screening to discuss the relevance of their work in Vietnam and effective ways to combat wildlife crime.

Vietnam is home to approximately 30 wild tigers, down from 100 just ten years ago. If current trends persist, the country’s wild tigers could be hunted to extinction within five years.

With crime syndicates operating across borders, Vietnam plays a crucial role in regulating regional trade, and authorities such as the Hanoi Environmental Police have made numerous important interdictions against the tiger trade in recent years.

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