Three COVID-19 patients in Da Nang, Quang Ngai receive discharge

VOV.VN - A further three novel coronavirus (COVID-19) patients were released from hospital on August 12, including a pair that had been the first cases to be detected in the central province of Quang Ngai, and one in central Da Nang City.

three covid-19 patients in da nang, quang ngai receive discharge hinh 0
A COVID-19 positive case is discharged from the Da Nang Hospital for Lung Diseases on August 12.

Included among the group of discharged patients is a 29-year-old Serbian man. The expert from Hoa Phat Group had originally flown from Oman to Da Nang on July 9.

Another case involves a 17-year-old boy who was the first positive COVID-19 patient in the community in Quang Ngai province after being detected in Quang Phu ward in relation to an F1 case at Da Nang Hospital.

Furthermore, the Da Nang Hospital for Lung Diseases announced that a 61-year-old woman had tested negative for the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

At present, each of the individuals is in stable health condition and are displaying no symptoms of the virus, such as a fever, a cough, or shortness of breath.

Moving forward, the three patients will be placed into isolation in order to undergo a mandatory 14-day observation period as a means of ensuring that there is no possibility of the virus recurring or being transmitted among the wider community.

Up to August 12, the country has confirmed 866 COVID-19 cases, including 17 fatalities. Of the total infections, 402 have gone on to make a full recovery from the deadly disease.

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