Three COVID-19 patients fully recover in Da Nang, await hospital discharge

VOV.VN - Three patients, including two British citizens, have completely recovered from the coronavirus infection and are awaiting discharge from hospital, Le Duc Nhan, Director of Da Nang hospital in central Vietnam has said.

The three patients have tested negative for the virus for three times in a row, meeting the Ministry of Health’s criteria for being discharged, the director said.

three covid-19 patients fully recover in da nang, await hospital discharge   hinh 0
 Checking test results on the computer
According to Nhan, the three patients are set to be released from hospital on March 27, but they will continue to be placed in quarantine for another 14 days according to regulations.

The two UK citizens were diagnosed with the virus on March 8 after boarding the VN0054 flight from London to Hanoi. At least 16 out of the passengers onboard the flight have tested positive for the virus, including 15 cases confirmed in Vietnam and one in Cambodia.

The two UK citizens were said to have travelled to many places of interest in Vietnam, including Da Nang, before contracting the disease.  In Da Nang they visited Dien May Xanh (an electronics store) and talked with a saleswoman who had later tested positive for the virus.

The saleswoman is also set to be free from hospital on March 27.

Alongside the three patients, Da Nang hospital is treating three other COVID-19 patients who now remain in stable health condition.


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