Thanh Hoa holds flood preparation, response drills

Flood preparation and simulated response drills took place in Tho Xuan district in the central province of Thanh Hoa on August 13.

thanh hoa holds flood preparation, response drills hinh 0

In the first scenario, officers and soldiers of Military Region 4 were required to work with local authorities to evacuate 50 households with 150 people in Van Lo hamlet, Tho Nguyen commune, to a local secondary school as heavy rain drenched the locality while a section of the nearby dyke was at risk of collapsing. 

After local residents were relocated, they were also given food, water, and other necessities. 

In the second scenario, a dyke collapsed in Tho Nguyen commune, Tho Xuan district. The drill involved 150 officers and soldiers from Military Region 4, relevant units, and 90 local residents using trucks and other materials at hand to promptly shore up and stabilise the dyke, which they managed to do within 30 minutes. 

Meanwhile in the third scenario, relevant forces searched and rescued 26 households with 96 persons located on loose-soil ground in Tho Nguyen commune, using canoes and boats to save humans and assets. 

The drills were successful in helping to improve the capacity of relevant units and their coordination in case of potential future disasters.


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