Thailand pushes to put electric cars on the road

Gen Navin Damrigan, the deputy secretary-general to the prime minister for political affairs, visited NBT World studio to share useful information about Thailand’s electric car dream, considering the perspective of both producers and users.

thailand pushes to put electric cars on the road hinh 0

Due to increasing public concern about global warming or climate change, most of the countries around world have realized the impacts and tried to eliminate the causes of it.

One of them is greenhouse gas emissions from typical vehicles, leading to the introduction of Electric Vehicle (EV) as a new hope to help change the world. 

Dr Navin has affirmed Thailand is ready to become an EV production base with a lot of incentives to be offered to the producers who are interested in investing in Thailand. 

The Board of Investment (BOI) has prepared several measures to support the manufacturers, promoting the benefits of clean vehicle technology among Thai users.

For more about the future of electric cars in Thailand, the challenges and the opportunities for investors, stay tuned for the upcoming episode of Thailand Today show on NBT World this Thursday (August 3) at 20.30 pm.


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