Sweden helps Vietnam manufacture UAVs

(VOV) - Sweden will help Vietnam manufacture unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in accordance with an agreement signed by the Vietnam Aerospace Association (VAA) and the Swedish Unmanned Group in Hanoi on November 20.

The two sides concurred on dividing the project into three phases.

In the first phase, Sweden will provide equipment and funds for the manufacture and assembly of two UAV Magic Eye 1s. The stage includes sharing intellectual property rights and design samples and dispatching experts to assist Vietnam.

In the second phase, the two sides will cooperate in developing aviation electronics such as automatic drive mechanisms and monitoring cameras.

In the third phase, Vietnam and Sweden will conclude manufacturing and begin exporting the completed UAVs.

VAA President Nguyen Duc Cuong said UAVs are widely used around the world in national defence, security, search and rescue, forest protection and management, geological surveying, agro-forestry and fisheries services, and high-tension wire inspections. UAVs are most commonly deployed for long distance surveillance.

With more than 1 million sq.km of sea, nearly 3,500 km of coastlines, over 4,500km of land borders, and mountainous regions spanning two-third of the land area, the potential utility of UAVs in Vietnam is great. The technology will support map drawing, transport development, and aerial image capturing. It will also be used to monitor high-tension wires and to augment border patrols and search and rescue activities.

More than 40 countries are currently capable of manufacturing UAVs.