Summer heat returns to northern Vietnam, temperatures hit above 36

VOV.VN - A stretch of rainy days has come to an end and scorching summer heat has returned to northern region, with temperatures beginning to rise to 36 degrees Celsius or above.

summer heat returns to northern vietnam, temperatures hit above 36 hinh 0
Northern and north-central provinces are braced for a new heat wave
The National Centre of Hydrometeorology and Forecasting reported on August 9 that a hot low pressure accompanied by the foehn effect is moving from north toward south east.

It will cause searing heat to grow across northern and north-central regions, starting August 9 with temperatures commonly hovering around 34-36 degrees Celsius or even above 36 degrees in some places like Thanh Hoa or Nghe An.

Hanoi capital will certainly experience the heat wave that is expected to last several days. Temperatures are likely to climb quickly to 36 degrees Celsius during daytime before falling to 27-29 degrees at night.  

The heat wave is expected to be not as severe as the previous ones, but it still could make people irritable.

The hot weather comes hot on the heels of a stretch of rainy days that has helped lower temperatures in northern and north-central provinces in the past weeks.


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